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Medicine Woman

I am Katja Barnasiow Pereira from Portugal and Founder of “What’s your Magic & the Secret”


I am so happy that you are here

My childhood challenges - Trauma, Fairies & Drugs

My childhood was very traumatic and despite everything I have not lost my great zest for life and love for nature and animals. I talked with fairies, elves, power animals, angels, light beings, animals and Mother Nature. They were always my sacred place. When I was about 8 years old, it all became very dark. On the one hand, I was endowed with this gift that made me incredibly sensitive, and on the other hand, I had to build a big shield to survive. There were often moments when I didn’t want to be on this planet anymore.

I tried to numb my pain and escape back into that sacred world I knew as a child. At the age of 21, a door that had been closed for a long time opened through my dog Peanut, who was my savior and my personal angel. I experienced strong shadows coming into my life and also the way out. This path reconnected me with that unique gift and magic I knew as a child. Fears in any form were my constant companion. I drove a car at most within a radius of 100 km, had a fear of flying, control compulsion, nightmares, social phobia, etc..

The Change

Already as a small child, I had a special connection to Mother Earth, the universe and animals. One day I understood that I am the channel, translator and speaker of the invisible and have made my purpose to my vocation.

This path began with animal communication. I create my own method and trained certified students. I read the Soulplan, energy fields & the Akasha chronicles for my clients. My rebirth of the shaman & witch in me, brought me the key of a deep, unique & magical transformation & healing work for women. Healing plants became one of my most important tools as an herbalist.

More about method & formula here ….

My Dog - the Special Author & Healer

Peanut was an Angel & Healer and she still is, only from another peaceful place. She show me sacred tools for my energy work, take me to other planets and initiated me into ancient secret scriptures.

A few days, before she went into the light. She lives in every of my books, because she has written a chapter.

After fulfilling her mission to lead me to my purpose and writing her chapter – Cleaning the childhood wounds – (in my German Book) “The path to inner wealth, Heal your soul”, she peacefully fell asleep in my arms and was led into the light by the elves and angels.

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

My Transformation

How healing through pain began​
I always feel very connected with animals. It was, like I hear what they think, I read their mind. Many years, since i was a little, i have been active in animal protection and there I find my dog Peanut. When I looked into her eyes, I knew immediately that we belonged together an we lived together for almost 14 years. Over the years it came to a head that she was attacked & bitten more and more often (for no reason and as if from ambush) by other dogs. I was paralyzed every time, had heart palpitations & sweating, could not react & partly not speak. Anyone who loves their animal can imagine how much guilt this causes. Every walk was more or less a hell trip and my quality of life steadily declined.

I tried to protect my dog and tried to go ways where I didn’t suspect dogs but it was like bewitched and we were like a magnet. I tried trainings and psychotherapy but it didn’t help. This led me to make an important decision: I wanted change & help! Shortly after, a shamanic book fell into my hands and I searched for a healer in my area.I was very skeptical at first.

After the first session, I noticed what's happened:

We encountered fewer and fewer dogs while walking and the ones we did encounter were friendly. The dogs that nagged my Peanut bsw. our unfriendly neighbor dogs, stopped at a distance of about 5 meters as if we had an invisible protective shell around us. Along the way, I noticed that I could move and was no longer paralyzed. I was in my power, had confidence & self-esteem and could scare the dogs away. i was no longer a victim of my life. My fear and extremely emotional feelings, were blown away. This was really a big miracle and I knew, now everything is possible. It was Amazing! After that, I realized that this change had taken place in my epigenetics, in my DNA and in my energy field. I no longer had to “fight” for this change.

My Dog saved my Life

After many years I found the courage to dye my hair red. I love red hair and it is for me an identification & connection to the sacred women of the past who were One with the Earth. In the past I was afraid of being visible. Since 11 years I haven’t changed it ….

For many years I was single and attracted emotionally distant or unavailable men. Love was always associated with pain. I also experienced stalking. My life consisted of trauma & pain. Until at the age of 27 the true reason for my pain became apparent for the first time through therapy. Due to depression that came from this and not living my purpose “life” was not meaningful to me. My burn out in 2011/2012 led to my liberation.

My dog saved my life. She give me strength. Peanut and a spiritual life coach led me to animal communication. This was only possible because I never stopped with my healing through Inner Work. It helped me to recognize myself, to use my abilities consciously, to heal my pains, to get more self-confidence, basic trust, self-love, hope, to set and reach goals, to manifest successfully, to find and live my destiny, to make it my calling, joy of life, quality of life, to realize what unconditional love is, to transform my fears, etc.

Shortly after my burn out, I downgraded to half-time work, a healing isolation with the outside and distraction. This accelerated my transformation and I began animal communication through my dog. I developed my own method and trained students offline and online. More about here

"Miracles are created in the Heart, not in the Mind"

Following my Intuition

Shortly after that I got the impulse to write my first two channeled books, found a publisher and they were published. I did channelings for my clients. I never had a role model, because the Internet, with these topics of spirituality, as it is common today, did not exist at that time. I was one of the first to work online with spirituality.

At that time, many people called me crazy and tried to make me understand that it won’t work. All my methods and approaches were guided by the Universe. For everything that didn’t work, I looked for solutions that came from within, not from outside. I implemented every idea immediately, no matter how crazy it seemed. This allowed me to make my purpose my calling. I started working as a telepathic animal communicator.

My first two channeled books of 2015 & 2014

My first channeled book, “The Path to Inner Wealth, Heal Your Soul” was published in 2013. The second book, “The Lightworker Within” was share with the world in 2014. Both books were in the hands of a publisher for many years. In 2022, the time had come for me to take my books back to myself completely and to bring them into the world with something very special, new. I wanted to decide everything all by myself. This year, my two treasures will be relaunched.

My books will be available in the English & Portuguese language in the future.

These are small pieces of puzzles in my work and 11 Years Experience come together. The new edition is in progress. My books will be available in German, Portuguese and English.


"Your Purpose is where your Heart finds the Way"

Portugal 2019

My last trip before I left Germany and start to live in this beautiful Country

I lost my fear of traveling alone

A few years ago I started to love traveling, consciously overcame my fears and that led me to listen to my heart and emigrate to Portugal. There I found my soulmate, with which I am happily married today. I live my calling and that fulfills me and gives me my purpose in life. I work from the most beautiful places on earth, which give me the special energy for my mission & clients.

Some time we were on the beautiful and warm Cape Verde Islands in Africa. There is so much magic and transformation happening here as well. There is always a reason why we are in a place. Now I can do something for my ancestors who were enslaved here. For many years the universe has been pushing me to expand and make my formula known internationally. I have always held back, shied away, been afraid to speak English and now the time has come …..

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In the Way to find yourself - you find your Love

Love brings out your most beautiful facets - especially these - that you don't know yet

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Julia Zehetgruber - Austria


The response afterwards was incredible. They absolutely want to work with me and offer me my own office space. Other opportunities have come out of this, I’ve been recommended, I get weekly requests for Soul Readings. The result over 150 people who resonated with this post, people who wrote to me about how brave I was and am and how incredibly beautiful my radiance is.

Mandy Stannek - Germany

It did so much to me. Brought so much positive energy. I go out stronger and I start to believe in my abilities. I experience so much wonder and encouragement. People find their way to me to book animal communication out of the blue. I don’t want to ponder how to do it anymore because it just works. Everything is energy. I am so grateful for that.

Maguy Aspe - Germany


Such a good energy what you radiate there!Since my trip to Portugal where I experienced a fabulous coaching of Katja. I have brought so much in my life in motion! 

Among other things, my soul mate, our dream home and a harmonious family life manifested! The feeling to live in abundance and gratitude are my everyday guide.

Paula Peter - Schoen - Switzerland

Already from the moment I decided to walk a part of the way with you, my energy has changed positively. Your clear guidance has been very supportive. Through your guidance I was also able to develop the attraction with which the customers come to me on their own. Every moment that I was able to experience live with you was simply worth its weight in gold. Your humor, your sensitivity and your way of being in life.

Katja Barnasiow Pereira

Medicine Woman & Author Mentor für spiritual Women